Guangdong Huayu Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is an machinery enterprise in China. We not only design and manufactrue products ourselves, but sale and offer service to our clients. Business in our company are meeting different requirements of the manufacturers, special design, manufacturing slippery machinery and hidden slide machinery, hinge automation equipment in a mold, hardware tableware rolling machinery, hydraulic press mechanical, rubber boots machine, a variety of mechanical equipment, etc.

We have a wide range of overseas financing channels, trade networks, market information, excellent employees;
Good performance and excellent reputation in over 100 countries and regions in the world. We established extensive contacts with government departments, financial institutions, the various industrial sectors and enterprises to build a solid
relations of cooperation.

Company Policies:
Excellent Management, Good Quality and Customer Satisfaction
Operating Philosophy:
Long-term Cooperation, Research Development, Win-win relationship, Customer First



Contact us
  • Tel:0663-3339400
  • Mobile:13531957958
  • E-mail:435342911@qq.com
  • Address: JIEYANG CITY
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